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Dr. Jeremy Graves is an executive coach who runs a coaching and consulting group that works with organizations around strategy, culture, and Generational Synchronicity.  He has taught classes, presented workshops, and delivered keynotes on Generations, Team Building, Business, and Leadership Development.  He enjoys working with multi-generational teams. His passion is to help organizations discover keys to getting the most out of generational diversity, and he excels at organizational development and culture restructuring. Jeremy, his wife Stephanie, and their two sons reside in beautiful Boise, Idaho.

Praise for the book

"Jeremy offers guidance for developing others through his CORE philosophy.  He captures the fundamental opportunities we have as leaders to change the lives of employees, teams, organizations, and ultimately, the world we all live in."
RON PRICE, CEO Price Associates

"Bridging the ever-increasing gap between generations is monumental task. Jeremy Graves paints a realistic picture of the pathway forward; successfully empowering the next generation of leaders to lay ahold of their future, and allow a seamless transition into ours!"
BRYAN MILLER,  Founder & Senior Partner, Virtus Family of Companies

"Jeremy gets it! Probably the single most important task for the leader is to build a talented team and create a culture of success, growth and individual achievement. Learn here exactly how to get started and then get ready to see amazing results multiply across your entire team."
THOMAS GAY, CEO, Refer.com and serial entrepreneur

"Jeremy Graves moves us beyond ourselves and into a long-range, sustainable culture of developing leaders within our organization. Readers will find practical, proven processes and solid tools to help them get started on assessing the health of their own organization and building up the next generation of leaders in their ranks. 
PETER RISSE, Associate Dean, Extended Studies, Boise State University


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